Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I went to Hakone 2 years ago. This is picture of me.My school, 1st grade students go to Hakone as a small school trip at this time of the year.This year they are going to go to Hakone from May 7th to 8th.I like Hakone very much I like Chokoku no mori musium. There are famous art in the musium.


Misty said...

What a funky picture. Love the swans!

Sukumar - said...

I love Japan.
I live in New York and there are a lot of Japanese here. Lot of Japanese Restaurents too... which I visit often.
The pictures are good.
I'd like to visit Japan one day. Though I've passed thru' Narita many times, I didn't get to know Japan as I didn't stay in the city for long.
Ohi O !

Sukumar, NYC